Assembly at ITL

The impressive Multiflex machine has finally arrived and final assembly has begun at the Fraunhofer ILT.

After 3 days of unpacking everything and craning it into place, we started putting everything back together.
This process is still ongoing. Thanks to all the partners for their great support in making this possible.
Hopefully, the final operational state of the machine can be established by the end of summer 2023. Consequently, the technology will be presented in the framework of a joint application lab at Fraunhofer ILT and be available for feasibility studies.

Demonstration of a laser ablation process with flexible 1×8 beampattern

For the first time, we demonstrated a fully automated USP-Laser ablation process with a flexible 1×8 beampattern. The entire Multiflex consortium has gone through a lot of headaches and sweat to implement and synchronize all the individual components together into a commercial machine.

The resulting demonstration of the parallel processing with 8 individually switched beamlets is just an appetizer for the final 64 multibeam machine. This machine will hopefully be presented and accessible for the laser community in form of joint application lab at Fraunhofer ILT by the end of summer 2023.

4th Project Meeting

The MultiFlex Consortium had it’s 4th project meeting on January 14th – due to the ongoing Covid pandemic again through a video conference.

Despite of Covid 19, the project progesses significantly. The manufacturing of the AOMs by AA is finished now, and the machine is starting to take form in the lab of Lasea – the basic structure for the housing has been manufactured and the marble is already mounted.

Furthermore, many parts of the optical system are now available and have been tested – seperately as well as together. We are pleased to report that they all work together as designed and thus verify large parts of the complicated optical design.

However, we were sadly not able to finish the demonstrator machine in 2020, since shortly after our last project meeting in July 2020, Covid 19 worsened again in some countries, and thus restrictions were tightened again. We are now working on doing as much of the component integration as possible without the need for travel and hope that at least limited travel will be possible again in the second half of 2021 to finish the integration.

Concept explanation video!

After the conceptual phase of the project was concluded in spring 2020, we can now give a peek inside our project and the machine concept for the MultiFlex approach on laser processing.

Join us on journey starting with the idea behind MultiFlex, following the laser beam through the machine and highlighting some of the many possible applications!

Watch this video on YouTube.
Starting the Video will establish a connection to a third party server (Youtube). For further information, please refer to our Data Protection Information.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to join our vision of future laser processing with your application!

Project Meeting @ Home

The MultiFlex Consortium had it’s 3rd project meeting on July 7th – not as planned at AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC in Orsay near Paris, but as a remote meeting through videochat.

In times of Covid 19 everybody gets more and more used to webmeetings and we all agree that it is not the same as meeting in person, but all in all it works very well.

Covid 19 affects also the progress of the MultiFlex project: The focus of the meeting was the first demonstrator machine, which is currently a couple of months delayed due to problems in the supply chain and restrictions in the manufacturing at some project partners.

Now that restrictions are lifting all around europe, we are optimistic to finish the demonstrator machine in fall of 2020 and can then start testing the interaction of all components and our processing approach as a whole.

Press Release via Photonics21

Photonics21 published a press release about the MultiFlex project on Monday, 03. February 2020. The press release is highlighting possible future applications that might be enabled by the ground-breaking developments of the MultiFlex project.

We are always looking for partners for future exciting collaborations and are open for inquiries to advance this new technology into many different fields! If you want to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us:

The Phtotonics21 press release: Link, PDF Download

Project and Review Meeting in Brussels

The MultiFlex project had a first interim review meeting end of November in Brussels.

We combined this with a regular project meeting to discuss the next steps towards our first demonstrators mid of 2020. We are making good progress and are optimistic to finish the demonstrator machine in time and start to tests all developed components.

During the review meeting with the EC we got fair and helpful comments and advices about our work. This helps to steer our activities in the right direction.

We all are looking forward to the next months with excitement and confidence.

Project Meeting in Bordeaux

On July 4th, the MultiFlex consortium met at Amplitude Systèmes in Pessac near the beautiful city of Bordeaux.

At the concentrated, goal-oriented and pleasant meeting different aspects of the project were discussed in detail. Special attention was paid to the concept for the optical system.

After the meeting, the consortium had the chance to take a look at the production facilities at Amplitude.